2016-17 Projects

The University City

The University City is a virtual-reality based tour of York University’s Keele Campus. Throughout the tour, The University City presents how population and growth converge, affecting how people traveled to, and around, York University. The tour can be experienced through an embedded browser-based version, or through any VR headset by downloading the YouVisit Showcase app available on iTunes and Google Play.

YU Missed the Bus

This is a six-part audio podcast series that follows the experiences of two fictional York University students over the decades of their time on campus from the 1960s to the present. Using archival and secondary source materials, this podcast pieces together different aspects of the experience of getting to and from York University’s Keele campus over the decades.

Other Projects

Development of Toronto: Urban Histories of Toronto and Its Region

This is an ongoing collective group project of HIST 4530 “Development of Toronto,” a course on the local history of Toronto offered by the Department of History at York University. Each year, students conduct original research and develop Web essays. This site collects some of the best essays from that course.

Stories of the Development of Toronto

Listen to original audio tours of historic sites in the Greater Toronto Area. This is also a collaborative group project by students in HIST 4530 “Development of Toronto” at York University. Using IZI.Travel, a Web tool for developing audio tours and guides, students explore different stories about Toronto and its region. These tours can also be found in the IZI.Travel mobile phone app.

Toronto, 1914

Toronto 1914 was a project undertaken by the students in HIST 4570, Canada in War and Peace, 1911-1952 at York University. Historians generally agree that this period was one of transformation in Canadian History, and this assignment was to seek out what the City of Toronto was like before the changes the First and Second World War brought to it, and the nation as a whole.

Examining city life from a multitude of perspectives, Toronto 1914 provides a comprehensive analysis of urban life in Canada prior to the world wars, the Great Depression, and the Cold War. In 1904, Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier announced that “the 20th century will be the century of Canada.” In Toronto 1914, the students of History 4570 examine the city at a time when this lofty statement seemed not only possible, but certain.

Nature’s Past: Canadian Environmental History Podcast

A regular audio podcast about environmental history research in Canada. It is produced at York University with support from the Network in Canadian History and Environment.

Portuguese Toronto: Early Decades

An audio walking tour focused on the history of the Portuguese community in Toronto since the first immigrants started settling in and around Kensington Market in the 1950s, and follows their westward movement along Dundas Street West into “Portugal Village” and “Little Portugal” in the 1970s-80s.